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New YAMS Features

We keep building so that you keep succeeding...

Build a branded fundraising campaign in under 5 minutes.

Keep your brand consistent from the time the donor hit the give button to viewing the receipt in email inboxes.

This provides a sense of trust in your donors. Oh yeah, our user-friendly panel allows you to do it under 5 min to save admin cost.

Real-time Analytics

Get real-time updates as donors give.

Donations occur in real-time and donors can see live updates on displays at events to motivate them to give more.

Admins can put the analytics dashboard in fullscreen mode in their office to stay up-to-date, motivate team members, and increase company culture.

Manual Transactions

Give more recognition with manual tranactions

By entering manual transactions, you can give more recognition to your donors and inspire more participation, regardless of how donors donate, that can motivate mor giving.

Status Indicator

Quickly view whether your campaign or group is in draft or published mode from your list of campaigns.

Daily or Weekly Email Updates

Stay Up-To-Date with Fundraising Progress using Daily or Weekly Updates with YAMS

YAMS platform allows users to send daily or weekly updates via email so that you can stay up-to-date with fundraising progress without logging into the platform.

Set Custom Goals with YAMS

Quickly view goals for your fiscal year.

The overall goal feature lets you know the desired amount to be raised for the fiscal year. This allows administrators to quickly evaluate their progress to their goal.

YAMS API Banner Integration

Easily export transactions into Banner by Elucian.

YAMS - Banner Integration feature ensures up-to-date record and reduces administrative cost by allowing bulk import rather individually inputted transactions into the Banner system.


Motivate friends to give more.

Donors Give More When They See their friends giving. It's Proven.

People give when see their friends give. It's proven. Check out this statistic from [insert organization]. Want to keep donors anonymous? We can do that to with one click.


Create a friendly competition for donors using leaderboards.


Create viral campaigns.

Create give competitions that create viral campaigns.

Give competitions increase the amount of money into your organization. Users give more when they are motivated by a friendly competition. This allows giving to be contagious and more fun!

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ACH Payments

We expand our payment methods to ACH payments so that donors can give with any form of payment.

Upcoming Features

We keep building so that you keep succeeding...


Meet giving goals faster.

Meet your Giving Goals Faster with our Recommendation Engine.

Our wizard asks you brief questions. Then, it recommends proven ways to grow your giving campaigns.

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Give quicker than ever.

Give in the snap of a finger, faster than mobile app giving. YAMS app is the best option for online giving.

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